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Ten years after 9/11 – How the world has changed By Alan Woods

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By Alan Woods

Ten years after 9/11 – How the world has changed. Photo: Wally GobetzOn the tenth anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers millions of people will relive the horrors of that fateful day. The television screens are filled with shocking images of death and destruction.

By Lal Khan

It is ten years today since in 2001 an outrageous attack killed 3000 innocent people and maimed hundreds of others in New York. This anniversary will be commemorated at a grand ceremony in New York where the US elite will gather in an outpouring of more pseudo-patriotism and chauvinism to dupe the working classes of the mightiest empire in history which is now plagued with economic disaster and social decay.

By Website

Since May 18, 2011 comrade Mouhammad Ghalout, a student activist in the "Democratic Base Method" faction of the National Moroccan Student Union, has been held in the prisons of the dictatorship as his hearing has been postponed for the second time. He was arrested on false accusations and underwent unjust political trials.

By In Defence of Marxism

Se llevó acabo en Italia, específicamente en la ciudad costeña de Marina de Massa, entre el 31 de julio y el 5 de agosto, la Escuela mundial de la CMI. Alrededor de 225 camaradas viajaron de distintos países y continentes para participar en una semana de reuniones intensivas, pero a la vez agradables y educativas.

By Daniel Morley

As massas israelenses entraram na cena política no médio oriente. Um estado militarizado e lugar tenente dos interesses imperialistas na região, quando enfrentado ao levante das massas, é sinal de que ventos frescos sopram a favor da revolução.

By Walter Leon

Este artigo foi escrito dias antes da grandiosa mobilização de três de setembro em Telavive e outras cidades israelenses que agrupou cerca de meio milhão de pessoas. Esta foi a maior mobilização popular desde que começou o movimento de protesto em Israel, no mês de julho.

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