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On Kautsky’s Foundations of Christianity – Part Three of the Introduction to the new German edition By Alan Woods

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By Alan Woods

ChristianityThe growth of Christianity during the first centuries of the modern era was phenomenal, especially among the lower orders. People who had nothing on earth and who lived in poverty were promised immense rewards in the after-life – provided they accepted their lot as slaves. This doctrine had an obvious appeal to the downtrodden masses, but it had equally obvious advantages for the ruling class. Eventually, the latter realized this and took the appropriate measures. But all these measures were in vain. The Church continued to thrive despite persecution – and possibly because of it.

By New Zealand Socialist Appeal Editorial Board

Phil Goff - Agência BrasilFor the Labour Party the 2011 general election defeat was the worst since 1928. The main factor for this was the historic low turnout as many workers stayed at home and were not enthused enough by the right-wing leadership of the Labour Party to go out and vote. The turn out was down from (what was considered then a low turnout) 79.46% at the 2008 general election to 73.83%. This was the lowest turnout since 1878!

By El Militante (Argentina)

¡Hay que resistir los intentos patronales de frenar las conquistas sociales!

Editorial de Militante nro. 66

El nuevo gobierno de la presidente Cristina Fernández asume el 10 de diciembre con el mayor apoyo social y la mayor estabilidad política habidos en el país desde la recuperación democrática; pero también encara sus funciones en medio de la mayor incertidumbre política y económica internacional de la que se tenga memoria.

By Alan Woods

A cada dia que passa, a crise econômica da Europa está se transformando em uma profunda crise política.

A Itália e a Grécia têm ambos novos governos – governos de "unidade nacional", que prometeram resolver a crise econômica e financeira que abalou a Europa em seus alicerces. Que são estes supostos governos tecnocráticos e que representam?

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