Wednesday, November 9, 2011

94th anniversary of the russian revolution

In Defence of Marxism
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By Jorge Martín

Tunisian Constituent Assembly elections: Ennahda victory prepares further uprisings. Photo: Noeman AlSayyadThe conservative Islamist party Ennahda won a majority of seats (90 out of 217) in the elections to the Constituent Assembly in Tunisia on October 23. This result has sent many on the left into confusion. This represents a shift to the right, some argue. How can the Tunisian revolution end up in a victory for the right wing, ask others. Scandalously some "modernists" argue that "elections were premature".

By In Defence of Marxism

On the 89th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, we commemorate this great event by recommending three works of Ted Grant and Alan Woods: Russia: from Revolution to Counter-Revolution by Ted Grant (1997), The Meaning of October by Alan Woods (November 1992) and Russian revolution: 50 Years after by Ted Grant (November 1967).

By Lal Khan

Bolshevism and the capitalist crisis today The genuine forces of revolutionary Marxism were neither demoralised nor disillusioned by the collapse of the Soviet Union. The search for an alternate to the present mayhem and drudgery of capitalism will have to rediscover the path of the most scientific of the revolutions of the past.

By Shahryar Khan (PTUDC Kot Addu)

Protest of the sacked workers of Pak Arab Oil RefineryThe working class is suffering the most in this epoch of economic and political crisis. The courageous workers who raise their voices in defence for their rights are victimized particularly by the goons of the capitalists and sacked from their job most of the times. The same is the case with the workers who were fired by the PARCO (Pak Arab Oil Refinery) administration without any notice as a punishment for forming a union to demand their basic rights.

By Alan Woods

Mientras escribimos estas líneas el gobierno de Papandreu está tambaleándose hacia el colapso. En cuestión de días, toda la situación ha sido sumida en el caos.

By Rob Sewell

"Tahun 1848 berakhir dengan baik," tulis Engels. "Dengan revolusi yang agung ini, kaum proletariat Prancis telah menempatkan dirinya sendiri lagi pada pucuk pimpinan gerakan Eropa. Segala hormat bagi kaum buruh Paris!" Revolusi itu meluas ke seluruh Eropa, menandai sebuah perkembangan penting dalam perjuangan klas.

By El Militante - Bolívia

O movimento indígena na Bolívia realizou em setembro manifestação contra a construção de uma estrada na Amazônia boliviana que impactará negativamente suas vidas. El Militante - seção boliviana da CMI relata a brutal violência lançada contra a sua luta.

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