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By Alan Woods

Greek government on verge of collapse: no to As we write these lines the Papandreou government is staggering towards collapse. In a matter of days the whole situation has been thrown into turmoil.

By Der Funke - Switzerland

Swiss elections - JUSO blocking UBSSwitzerland is also being affected by the global crisis of capitalism, with growing pressure on Swiss workers. In the recent elections, although the Social Democrats received the lowest number of votes in 20 years, where candidates posed the real issues facing workers, such as jobs, wages and housing, they did remarkably well. Here we publish an analysis by the Swiss Marxists of Der Funke.

By Fightback (Ireland)

Patrick NultyLast Thursday's by election in Dublin West came down to a three horse race between Councillor Patrick Nulty of Labour who won and Councillor Ruth Coppinger of the Socialist Party who came third, while Fianna Fáil (FF) squeezed into second place after a tie for second and third place – on the basis that they had more first preference votes.

By David Rey

La crisis europea ha dado un giro imprevisto con el anuncio del gobierno griego de Yorgos Pappandreu de convocar un referéndum para aprobar el último plan de ajuste acordado por la Unión Europea.

By Alan Woods

By Alan Woods

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