Tuesday, November 29, 2011

IMF-Enemy of the poor

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By Luca Lombardi

The case of Iceland – the illusion of an amicable default. Photo: finnur malmquistAs Europe teeters once more, staring financial collapse and slump in the face, we provide an analysis of what happened in Iceland, the first country to go under as a result of the global crisis of capitalism.

By Rakel Sigurgeirsdóttir

Outrage against IMF conference in Iceland. Photo: Jóhann Ágúst HansenWe have received this report from Iceland about a protest outside a conference hosted by the Icelandic government and the IMF. The letter makes the point that the IMF package for Iceland has been unsuccesful and that ordinary Icelanders are struggling to make ends meet. It shows that the political and economic crisis in Iceland is continuing.

By Rashid Khalid

Pakistan/Kashmir: 18th The 18th "Permanent Revolution" convention of Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation was held in Rawalpindi on 28th October in which a big number of students from Pakistani Occupied Kashmir and various cities of Pakistan participated.

By Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign

The national leadership of the PTUDC including Chairman Riaz Hussain Baloch, Vice Chairman Qamar Uz Zaman Khan, General Secretary Nazar Mengal and Information Secretary Paras Jan embarked on a visit across the country for the unity of the working class. Many activities including labour conferences, seminars on workers's issues, protest rallies, meetings with delegations of workers and others were held in different cities.

By Lucha de Clases - Venezuela

En el nuevo número de nuestro periódico puedes leer artículos sobre la lucha de los trabajadores y trabajadoras de la Alcaldía de Baruta, Franelas GOTCHA, MITSUBISHI y Mc' Donald's Barinas, entre otros. Asimismo, hacemos un análisis de la conformación del Polo Patriótico y de las patrullas de vanguardia del PSUV. En el ámbito internacional podrán leer sobre la situación política en Grecia, así como las masivas protestas en EEUU y España. En la sección de teoría hemos publicado un clásico de Leon Trotsky, Clase, partido y dirección, y por último una entrevista a Elio Sayago.

By Fred Weston

Após o assassinato de Kadhafi, para que possamos melhor entender a história do regime do ditador, e compreender de onde veio sua aura de antiimperialista e de implantar o socialismo árabe, publicamos estas notas do camarada Fred Weston

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