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Egypt – masses rise against the army generals By Brian Adams

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By Brian Adams

Tahrir square during the "Million man march"Events in Egypt are developing at lightning speed. Similarly to the last days of Mubarak in February this year, we see daily battles on the streets of Cairo and elsewhere. The Egyptian masses are determined to see the revolution carried through to the end. The clash between revolution and counter-revolution is provoking a crisis inside all political forces, as the rank and file instinctively move towards revolution and the leaderships vacillate and try to hold the masses back.

By Lal Khan

Where is china going - photo: Alex MahanAfter overtaking Japan, this year China became the second largest economy in the world. Some experts have even predicted that by the end of this decade China may become the largest economy bypassing the United States. However, that is based on a mechanical, empirical approach that sees China maintaining its present levels of growth uninterruptedly for years to come. In the past Japan was also supposed to keep on growing, but then its apparent meteoric rise was cut across by a long period of stagnation.

By Miguel Jiménez, responsable Organización Asamblea IU Puerto de la Torre (Málaga)

El resultado de las elecciones, en la noche electoral del 20-N, fue inapelable: El PP obtuvo en porcentaje de votos y en votos absolutos, los mayores números de toda su historia que le permitirán gobernar en solitario. El PSOE cosecha su derrota más clara: ni siquiera en las primeras elecciones de la Democracia, en 1977, sacó tan pocos diputados.

By Hamid Alizadeh

Danish translation ofEgypt –Revolution moving into a new phase (21 November 2011).

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