Friday, November 25, 2011

A balance sheet of eight months of revolutionary struggle in Morocco

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In Defence of Marxism
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By In Defence of Marxism

Morocco protestWe interviewed the young comrades of the Communist League of Action who speak out on how the Arab spring has affected the Kingdom of Morocco. They explain how it has deeply shaken the regime, and most importantly that "the movement has also rid the masses of the feeling of fear and transferred it to the other camp, the camp of the ruling class and its parties and repressive apparatus."

By Ola Kazeem in Lagos

100 NairaAlthough the Nigerian economy has been officially growing at over 6% for the past 5 years, the poverty rate keeps increasing; youth unemployment has risen to an unprecedented 47% and over 80 per cent of Nigerian youth don't have more than a secondary school certificate.

By Evert Beltrán, CLEP-CEDEP

El pasado 11 y 12 de noviembre se llevo a cabo el III Congreso Nacional del Comité de Lucha Estudiantil del Politécnico-Comité Estudiantil en Defensa de la Educación Pública (CLEP-CEDEP), en el auditorio de la Escuela Técnica del SME, ubicado en la calle de Lisboa, casi esquina con Lucerna en la Colonia Juárez. Con una asistencia de 104 compañeros provenientes de 23  escuelas,  además de compañeros provenientes de  organizaciones sociales, y ex -miembros del CLEP-CEDEP.

By Hamid Alizadeh

German translation of Egypt –Revolution moving into a new phase (21 November 2011).

By John Peterson

Portuguese translation of USA: The Tide Begins to Turn (17 November 2011).

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