Friday, October 28, 2011

Crisis of the euro is a crisis of capitalism – the only way out is revolution By Fred Weston

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By Fred Weston

EU economic crisis Latuff thTwo days ago Angela Merkel was warning that peace in Europe could be endangered if an agreement was not reached at the EU summit on how to manage the crisis that has engulfed the euro and the whole of the EU economy. Speaking to the German parliament she said, "No one should think that a further half century of peace and prosperity is assured. It isn't. And that's why I say if the euro fails, Europe will fail, and that mustn't happen." Some of the more serious strategists of capital have even raised the prospect that the euro could break up. The 27 EU leaders on Wednesday night, however, finally produced a three part deal.

By Lal Khan

At the funeral of Crown Prince Sultan we had the spectacle not only of the Saudi monarchs but most of the rulers who had flown in to attend the ceremony. Fear of the mass revolt that has been raging in the region was palpable at the gathering.

By In Defence of Marxism

On top of the €30,000 that were raised this year for the IMT and In Defence of Marxism at the World School, we've raised another €628 from the website. We'd like to thank those who have contributed to the collection.

By El Militante (Argentina)

Las elecciones presidenciales del 23 de octubre representan un resonante triunfo popular. Cristina Fernández consiguió la mayor cantidad de votos obtenida por ningún otro presidente, más de 11,6 millones de sufragios, con un porcentaje de apoyo del 54%, sólo superado por figuras de la talla histórica de Perón e Yrigoyen. En segundo lugar quedó el candidato del Frente Amplio Progresista, Hermes Binner, que sacó el 16,9%, a una distancia de 37 puntos que no tiene precedentes en la historia electoral argentina.

By Marxistiki Foni

By Marxistiki Foni

Urdu translation of Greece: Situation becoming revolutionary (17 October 2011).

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