Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pakistan-A Critique

In Defence of Marxism
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By Jorge Martín

Venezuela: Revolutionary vignettes. Part 4: Chavez's health, the 2012 elections and the future of the Venezuelan revolutionMy visit to Venezuela at the end of June coincided with the speculation, rumours and finally announcements about the health of Hugo Chavez. This incident revealed a number of important questions about the Venezuelan revolution, the role that President Chavez plays in it and the character of the counter-revolutionary opposition.

By Lal Khan

The terrible floods have ravaged Sind yet again this year. Torrential rain poured down on Karachi after a recent spate of unending bloodletting. A peculiar strain of mosquito has wreaked havoc in Lahore. Psychological trauma overwhelms the Punjab, particularly its capital. Baluchistan continues to bleed and the repression of the state is relentless. Pushtoonkhawa find no respite from bombings by the imperialist predators and fundamentalist terror. The misery in Kashmir worsens with every passing day and the dream of freedom fades away further into oblivion.

By Brian Adams

Quase sete meses depois da queda de Mubarak, a revolução no Egito está longe de terminar. O velho regime ainda se encontra no poder e as massas já sentem a revolução deslizar entre suas mãos.

By Brian Adams

Urdu translation of Egypt's "Correct the Path" Friday (September 13, 2011)

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