Saturday, October 15, 2011

NKorea ready to smash citadels of SKorean psychological war

NKorea ready to smash citadels of SKorean psychological war


PYONGYANG, October 9 (Itar-Tass) — The North Korean news agency demanded on Sunday that South Korea should stop bringing slanderous leaflets to its territory.

The commentary notes that "special indignation" was provoked by an announcement of a public decision by the so-called Movement for Freedom in North Korea to spread from balloons anti-communist propaganda materials on Monday, October 10, when North Korea will mark the national holiday –the 66th anniversary of forming the Korean Workers' Party.

The news agency stresses that Seoul "can provoke with such actions an armed conflict in the Korean Peninsula where the situation is already tense, including over constant intrusions by South Korean warships of the territorial waters of the people's republic.

The KCNA warned that North Korean people and army "are ready at any time to inflict a blow on citadels of South Korean psychological war". Earlier, the head of the North Korean delegation at the inter-Korean military talks said that the provocative actions, leveled against Pyongyang by the South Korean regime, including dissemination of leaflets, smearing North Korea, "evoke wrath and indignation of the army and the people of our republic".

The Pyongyang representative noted that his country "will be forced to take retaliatory physical countermeasures under conditions of continued provocations from the South". Seoul should make "a reasonable choice between reconciliation and cooperation, on the one hand, and physical confrontation, on the other", he emphasized.

That was "the last warning of the Korean People's Army, addressed to South Korean authorities", the statement notes.

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