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USA: Wall Street rocked by anti-capitalist

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By Alan Woods

USA: Wall Street rocked by anti-capitalist protests – time to build a labor party! Photo: bogieharmondYesterday Wall Street was rocked by a mass demonstration of over 15,000 people protesting against "corporate greed." The crowd jammed the square and stretched for blocks along Broadway. This unprecedented protest was a manifestation of the mood of anger, bitterness and frustration that has been accumulating for years in American society, which had already previously erupted in the big demonstrations and walkouts in Madison, Wisconsin, culminating in the occupation of the Capitol.

By Hamid Alizadeh

Since Sunday, September 25th more than 6000 casual workers at the Bandar Imam petro-chemical complex – Iran's 14th largest company, based on reported sales – in the south eastern part of Iran have been on strike. In solidarity with them, workers from at least four other petrochemical plants in the "Petrochemical Special Economic Zone" (PETZONE), housing some of the largest petrochemical complexes of Iran, have been involved in the conflict.

By Erik Demeester

Erik Demeester of Vonk (Belgium) speaking on Soviets, councils and workers' power at the recent World School of the IMT.


Nos complace anunciar la nueva página web de Lucha de Clases en el Estado Español, publicada por  un grupo de militantes de Izquierda Unida que comparten los análisis políticos de la Corriente Marxista Internacional.

By جان پیترسون از آمریکا

"دیگر بس است! ما 99 درصد هستیم!" این احساسِ جوانان شجاعی است که اکنون پلازای آزادی در شهر نیویورک، در چند قدمی وال استریت، را به اشغال درآورده‌اند. این احساس فروخورده‌ی میلیون‌ها نه، میلیاردها نفر در سراسر جهان است. بیکاری بس است! جنگ بس است! فقر بس است! تبعیض بس است!

By John Peterson, WIL

"Nok er nok! Vi er de 99%!" det er den følelse der udtrykkes af de modige unge, der nu besætter Frihedspladsen i New York City, bare et par meter fra Wall Street. Der er en ophobede følelse hos millioner – nej – milliarder af mennesker over hele verden. Nu er det nok med arbejdsløshed! Nu er det nok med krig! Nu er det nok med fattigdom! Nu er det nok med diskriminering!

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