Friday, October 14, 2011

On Kautsky’s Foundations of Christianity – Part Two

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By Alan Woods

Introduction to foundations of christianity - www.marxist.comIn order to understand early Christianity it is necessary to place it in its historical context. In the second half of the second century BCE the Syrian Greek Seleucid Empire was being displaced by the rising imperial power of Rome. As a result, when Seleucus IV Pilopater ascended to the throne of the Seleucids, he not only had a much reduced empire, but was obliged to pay a heavy Roman tribute. The disasters of the Seleucid Empire had dire consequences for the Jewish people, leading to a chain of events that was later called the Abomination of Desolation.

By Brian Adams

Egypt: Christian and Mulsim workers and youth united despite manoeuvres of the military. Photo: Jonathan RashadFaced with ever increasing contradictions, the military rulers in Egypt have looked to cut across the recent wave of class struggle by attempting to divide the workers and youth along religious lines. This is the context in which the recent deaths of 24 Coptic Christian Egyptian protestors must be seen.

By Erik Demeester

Erik Demeester of Vonk (Belgium) speaking on the Arab Revolution at the recent World School of the IMT.

By Leon Trotsky (1917)

Tidak pernah ada begitu banyak kaum pasifis di dunia seperti sekarang ini, ketika di semua negeri manusia saling membunuh. Setiap epos sejarah tidak hanya memiliki tekniknya sendiri dan bentuk politiknya sendiri, tetapi juga kemunafikannya sendiri yang unik. Dulu kala, manusia saling menghancurkan atas nama ajaran Kristen mengenai cinta kasih kemanusiaan. Sekarang, hanya pemerintah-pemerintah terbelakang saja yang berperang atas nama Yesus Kristus. Negara-negara progresif saling memotong leher masing-masing atas nama pasifisme.

By Pepe Blanez

O presente artigo redigido para a edição de outubro de 2012 do Jornal "Lucha de Clases", órgão da seção espanhola da CMI, além de nos brindar uma excelente análise de conjuntura, tem o mérito de indicar o combate central pelo fim do sistema capitalista.

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