Saturday, October 15, 2011

Russia Rejects NATO's Pretensión of Repeating the Libya Strategy

 Russia Rejects NATO's Pretensión of Repeating the Libya Strategy
Moscow, Oct 10 (Prensa Latina) Russian Foreign Minister Serguei Lavrov lashed out at the possibility of spreading the "Libya Strategy" elsewhere around the world as some NATO figures want.

   Lavrov voiced Russia's alarm with Western statements of using Libya target of NATO air raids from last March, as a model for large-scale home conflict solutions.

 This so-called Libya model -which the North Atlantic Treaty used as pretext to 'protect the civilian population and create a no-fly zone'- is a flagrant violation of international Laws, Lavrov told Profil (Profile) magazine.

 Some believe the so-called "defense responsibility" definition should become standard global official strategy against popular demands to restore order, comments Russia's Head Diplomat.

 We reject the use of violence against civilians, though we know that liberties have limits otherwise they would evolve into anarchy, but we flatly reject double standards to address such conflicts, he noted in alluding to the booming Western interest in using force against Syria while staying neutral with other Middle East scenarios.

 The key goal of the international community in settling internal conflicts consists of bringing the parties to negotiate instead of behaving as war mongers, he added.

 Russia and China vetoed last week a resolution promoted by the EU and Washington, an ultimatum pushing a preemptive war to become legal instrument of foreign intrusion in Syria.



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