Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Greece: Situation becoming revolutionary

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By Stamatis Karagiannopoulos in Athens

Greece on the brink of revolutionThe situation in Greece is becoming more and more revolutionary as each day passes. The country has been paralysed by a wave of strikes centred on the public sector and state owned enterprises, which is the workers' response as they attempt to ward off the terrible attack of the government. This wave of strikes was anticipated by the mass occupation movement in the universities and schools in September, which proved once again that the youth is a sensitive barometer of the class struggle.

By Jorge Martin

Spain 15O: massive demonstrations against capitalist crisisHundreds of thousands of people, certainly well over a million, took to the streets of Spain on October 15 to express, once again, their indignation at the crisis of capitalism and the austerity plans which are being introduced to make working people pay for it.

By Alex Grant

Occupy Canada: Expropriate the 1%! - Photo: www.marxist.caThe Canadian corporate media commentators were all united with a single opinion — the #Occupy movement would have no traction north of the border due to Canada's "stable banks that never needed a bailout". Despite the fact that this is a lie, (the federal government gifted id="mce_marker"25-billion to the Canadian banks via the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation), on Saturday 15th October the people showed the press just how out of touch they are. Over 1,000 in Montreal, over 2,000 in Vancouver, over 5,000 in Toronto, and hundreds more in a dozen other cities, marched to join the international occupy movement.

By Graham Day

Government Deregulation Responsible for MV Rena Disaster The grounding of the 236m MV Rena on the Astrolabe Reef in the Bay of Plenty exposes the lack of maritime regulation and unpreparedness of the government to respond to such a disaster.  This is New Zealand's worst environmental disaster with oil washing up on once pristine beaches destroying both wildlife  and important ecosystems. 

By David Rey

Presentamos a nuestros lectores este documento que es una respuesta a las posiciones revisionistas y burguesas que tratan de rebajar o negar la importancia actual de la clase obrera en el modo de producción capitalista y en la lucha por la transformación socialista de la sociedad. Este trabajo está basado en un documento anterior escrito por el mismo autor, que apareció publicado el año 2001 con el título La fuerza de la clase obrera hoy.

By FalceMartello

Il 15 ottobre abbiamo visto a Roma una delle più grandi manifestazioni degli ultimi anni. 300mila, forse mezzo milione di persone hanno invaso le strade della capitale, ricongiungendosi idealmente alla manifestazione di un anno fa promossa dalla Fiom. Lo hanno fatto però a un livello più alto.

By Majid

Portuguese translation of Pakistan Steel: White Elephant or Healthy Prey? (23 September 2011)

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