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USA: “We Are the 99%” --By John Peterson in the USA

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By John Peterson in the USA

USA: The mainstream media has made much ado about the fact that #OccupyWallStreet does not have a unified, cohesive message. In trying to belittle it, they smugly point out that the occupy movement is an amorphous and heterogeneous mix of people. Every shade of political opinion and ideology is present: Makhno anarchists and Ron Paul libertarians; Trotskyist socialists and New Age neo-hippies; Anonymous and Zeitgeist; atheists and hard core believers; the homeless and those who have quit their jobs to become full time protesters against unemployment.

By Fightback - Ireland

The Greek working class has moved decisively into action. The last few days in Greece have demonstrated that faced with an approaching economic calamity the workers are prepared to fight to defend their living standards and their jobs also. However, the bankers and the various competing European powers have no option but to fight for their own interests and will fight to the last gasp. The scene is set for further conflict in the euro zone between the increasingly divergent interests of the European states and between the classes in each of the European countries.

By our correspondent in Kashmir

Kashmir JKNSF Convention: Revolution until Victory!The 18th "Permanent Revolution Convention" of the Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation is being held on 28th October in Rawalpindi. A rally will be held on Murree Road in Rawalpindi at 2 p.m. against unemployment, price hikes and privatizations. Later an education session for young students will be held at 4 p.m. After that new cabinet of the JKNSF will be elected.

By El Militante - Bolivia

El pasado domingo 16 de octubre los bolivianos fuimos llamados por primera vez a elegir directamente los jueces del Órgano Judicial y del Tribunal Constitucional. Los comicios se habían politizado hasta el extremo de convertirse en un plebiscito sobre el gobierno, en que la derecha llamaba simplemente a anular el voto. Aunque los datos oficiales sean todavía escasos, es evidente que votos nulos y blancos han triunfado, particularmente en las áreas urbanas y a nivel nacional. A 8 años del Octubre de 2003, este representa el primer revés electoral para el gobierno.

By Jorge Martín

O caráter de massas do movimento mostrou que ele conseguiu canalizar a revolta existente nas camadas populares contra o sistema capitalista...mas a Esquerda Unida ainda é pequena para influir decididamente nas lutas. Um balanço do 15 de outubro.

By Marxistiki Foni

Ceci est la traduction d'une déclaration de nos camarades grecs de Marxistiki Foni, publiée le 19 octobre, jour de grève générale.

By Redaktionen Marxistiki Foni

I torsdags i Athen under arbejdernes masseprotester så vi staten samarbejde med hooligans og provokatører imod arbejderbevægelsen. Nu er der brug for en politisk generalstrejke! Her bringer vi en udtalelse fra de græske marxister i Marxistiki Foni.

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