Friday, October 7, 2011

Shocking Video of NYC Violence: Police beat up protesters storming barricades

Rebel Newsflash: 'US experiencing significant uprising' (plus 63 more items)

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'US experiencing significant uprising'

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 07:59 AM PDT

Anti-government protests are growing in significance across the US confronting political and corporate corruption and an end to wars and occupations.

NATO repeats all Soviet mistakes during Afghanistan's occupation

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 06:35 AM PDT

October 7 marked ten years since the beginning of the US-led operation in Afghanistan. What results have the United States and its allies achieved in the operation? Most of Afghanistan's territory was controlled by the Taliban movement in the autumn of 2001. The movement seized the country's capital, Kabul, and made enemies retreat to the north.

Want a RFID Chip In Your Pants? No? Well They're Coming Anyway

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 05:49 AM PDT

Here's an article from the BBC that (enthusiastically) announces the insertion of RFID chips in many everyday products like jeans, foods or cars, allowing the constant monitoring of pretty much everything. Sure, the article "addresses" privacy concerns (mostly downplays them) but it mainly sells RFIDs with arguments like "it could save the lives of old people stuck in a building on fire". Most people find that inserting computer chips that can connect to the internet with personal data completely useless and, frankly, creepy. Despite this fact, there is a huge push to promote these chips and to sell them to the public.

Europe brainwashes Ukraine's Yanukovych over Tymoshenko

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 03:57 AM PDT

The persistent desire of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to become a part of Europe has resulted in a confusing situation. Ukraine took part in Eastern Partnership summit in Warsaw. Clouds began to gather above Mr. Yanukovych a lot earlier - soon after the beginning of the trial of Yulia Tymoshenko.

Myanmar's careful reformist: Thein Sein

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 03:15 AM PDT

Following a string of small reforms, it was last week when the most striking took place. For the first time in most the population's memory, Myanmar's President, Thein Sein, said he would give in to the desire of the people. That desire, was to prevent the completion of the Myitsone Dam, saving the mighty Irrawaddy river and surrounding areas from catastrophe. Over ten thousand people supposedly would have been displaced by the construction, and an area the size of Singapore flooded

'Israel reigns over US polity'

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 02:54 AM PDT

People in several major US cities continue their peaceful protests as part of 'Occupy Wall Street (OWS)' movement that aims to make life fair for 99 percent of all Americans.

Iran students protest US police cruelty

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 02:40 AM PDT

A group of Iranian university students have staged a demonstration outside the US interest section of the Swiss Embassy in Tehran to protest police brutality in the United States against anti-corporatism protesters.

Russian tourist drowns in Egypt

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 02:32 AM PDT

A Russian tourist drowned in Egypt's Safaga resort town. The Russian Federation Embassy in Egypt will organize the transportation of the tourist's body to Russia.

At The Gates of The Great Beast: Occupy The Treasonous Fed Revolution Begins in Dallas, Texas

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 02:12 AM PDT

"Treason is a strong word, but not too strong to characterize the situation in which the Senate is the eager, resourceful, and indefatigable agent of interests as hostile to the American people as any invading army could be." – David Graham Phillips, The Treason of the Senate.

'US killed al-Awlaqi for what he said'

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 01:52 AM PDT

A number of US officials have recently confirmed the existence of a "secret panel" of senior government officials that can order the killing of American citizens without any judicial oversight.

Infowars: "Luke Rudkowski Beat Up by NYPD Thugs"

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 01:38 AM PDT

We Are Change founder and activist Luke Rudkowski makes an appearance to talk about his beating at the hands of New York cops yesterday at the Occupy Wall Street demonstration.

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 01:32 AM PDT

The Stanford prison experiment was a study of the psychological effects of becoming a prisoner or prison guard.  The experiment was conducted from August 14 to 20,1971 by a team of researchers led by psychology professor Philip Zimbardo at Stanford University.  It was funded by a grant from the U.S. Office of Naval Research and was of interest to both the US Navy and Marine Corps in order to determine the causes of conflict between military guards and prisoners.

'US descending on slippery slope'

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 01:10 AM PDT

Several top US officials have confirmed the existence of a "secret panel" of senior government officials that can order the assassination of US citizens without any judicial oversight.

Witness The Nazis Of Our Time

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 12:46 AM PDT

Max Puts the Boot into Pakistan

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 12:13 AM PDT

Pro-Israeli hawk urges U.S. to "get tough" with sole Islamic nuclear power

The 'asset crisis' of emerging economies

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 12:10 AM PDT

While China has attracted a large amount of foreign direct investment, it has bought an even larger amount of US government securities. Whereas the average return on FDI in China was 33 per cent for American firms in 2008, the average return on China's investment in US government securities was a mere 3-4 per cent. So, why does China invest its savings so heavily in low-return US government securities, rather than in high-return domestic projects?

The End of Pax Americana?

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 12:00 AM PDT

Deadlock. There will be no big jobs-for-taxes deal. The can will be kicked down the road into the next administration.

The Miracle of iCapitalism

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 12:00 AM PDT

Here is your high-resolution teachable moment of the week: anti-capitalist, anti-corporate extremists of "Occupy Wall Street" mourning Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs without a trace of irony.

While the Kamp Alinsky Kids ditch school to moan about their massive student debt, parade around in zombie costumes and whine about evil corporations over poached Wi-Fi connections, it's the doers and producers and wealth creators like Jobs who change the world. They are the gifted 1 percent whom the "99 percenters" mob seeks to demonize, marginalize and tax out of existence.

Five short videos from Jeffrey Smith provide sharable introduction to GMOs for your friends who need to know

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 12:00 AM PDT

Here are the five videos, posted on NaturalNews.TV. You can also share the URL of this article if you'd like to introduce your friends to all five of these videos:

Earth's population to amount to 7 billion in November

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 11:49 PM PDT

Some fifty years ago there were only 3.5 billion people on the planet. The total world population has doubled over the period shorter than the current average life expectancy. The reason for the exponential growth of the population is the so-called demographic transition - the process whereby a society with high fertility and high mortality transforms into a society with low fertility and low mortality.
 According to the UN, the largest number of people lives in China (1.35 billion), followed by India (1.24 billion). This is the first time when the top ten includes only three developed countries: USA, Russia and Japan. As suggested by Harvard demographer David Bloom, within the next 40 years the population growth will be over two billion people to reach nine billion.

Russia May Sell Syria Advanced Weapons as NATO Prepares to Attack

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 09:47 PM PDT

Moscow said it opposes any resolution against Syria because of the way the United States, Britain, and France interpreted the resolution against Libya and used it as an excuse to invade the country and depose its leader Gaddafi under the cover of protecting civilians.

Obama:  The Assassination of Anwar Al-Awlaki by Fiat

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 09:33 PM PDT

The killing of Anwar al-Awlaki a U.S citizen in Yemen by a CIA drone missile on September 30 has been publicized by the mass media, President Obama and the usual experts on al-Qaeda as "a major blow to the jihadist network founded by Osama bin Laden" US officials called Awlaki "the most dangerous figure in Al-Qaeda" (Financial Times Oct. 1 and 2, 2011).

WWII Vet to Wall Street Protesters: "I Am So Proud Of All You People"

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 09:07 PM PDT

I'm not certain whether the reader is one of these gentlemen attending the Occupy Wall Street protests:

Insiders Reveal Fukushima Secrets

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 09:05 PM PDT

The former Prime Minister of Japan has revealed that scientific advisors to the Japanese government warned that evacuataions of as many as 30 million people up to 250 kilometers away from Fukushima would have to be evacuated in the event of a worst case scenario at the stricken nuclear plant in the country's Northeast. The proposal would have seen Tokyo itself subject to evacuation, but the idea was immediately rejected because of the chaos it would have caused...

Greek Debtlock: Riot squads fire tear gas at bailout protesters

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 07:29 PM PDT

Police have fired tear gas at protestors gathered outside the Greek Parliament building. The country has ground to a halt, with workers walking out of jobs in a 24-hour public sector strike, angry at the government's policy of cuts. All flights in and out of Greek airports are grounded, while hospitals are relying on emergency staff. RT's Sara Firth reports from Athens. Also, RT talks to Nick Skrekas, who's an economic analyst and international lawyer.

Keiser Report: Debts & Slavery (E193)

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 07:09 PM PDT

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, talk about 'capitalist gangbangs,' JP Morgan's 'way forward,' and why 14 trillion no longer scares us. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser interviews Satyajit Das about the conservation of debt and slavery, extreme money and #occupywallstreet. KR on FB:

Battle for Greece: 'Politicians to loose control over Europe'

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 07:02 PM PDT

Greece's latest 24-hour national strike turned violent - with police firing tear gas on angry crowds of protesters. The country all-but-ground to a halt as Greeks made their feelings known about the extra cuts they face so that the country can try and plug the massive 350-billion Euro debt. Greece's financial paralysis is being worsened by the admission it won't hit its budget targets. Economic analyst, Martin Hennecke, thinks the only way for Greece to survive is to default and start fresh.

Brick in Wall St: 'Cops doing banksters bidding'

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 07:00 PM PDT

Pepper spray and batons have been used against thousands of "Occupy Wall Street" protesters in New York. People, angry with their government for favoring banks and corporations while doing little to help THEM, have been rallying all over the country for the third week running. RT talks to Stephen Lendman, radio host, author and blogger joins us now live from Chicago

You Only Think You've Got Rights (Part 5)

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 05:34 PM PDT

I learned that the government secretly and illegally had been recording all my telephone calls to lawyers, save only my judge-approved "attorney of record," just as I decided to engage Robert McAllister to try my case. By then, of course, all my telephone conversations with "Mac" and attorney Wesley Hoyt (whom I had tried to hire) had been recorded and, with them, every shred of my evidence, trial strategy and witness testimony. The Federal prosecutor knew my defense as well as I did.

India to fight US-proxy war in Afghanistan

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 05:19 PM PDT

On Tuesday, Kabul's President Hamid Kazai and Indian President Dr. Manmohan Singh signed a strategic partnership between the two countries in New Delhi. Under the deal, India will train Karzai's troops and security forces - boost trade and revive the delayed TAPI pipeline project.

The Missing Piece

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 04:34 PM PDT

To see clearly as far into the future as possible, it is necessary to see as far back into the past as we can and, most especially, determine what has been hidden from us, or distorted and changed to our detriment. What was it the folksinger sang? "You can't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been."

OWS Needs to Target Real Enemies Or Face Irrelevancy`

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 01:54 PM PDT

Democracy? How about a constitutionally limited republic?

'US citizens fed up with govt. policies'

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 12:31 PM PDT

From New York City to Los Angeles, Colorado and North Carolina, "Occupy Wall Street" movements are spreading across the US.

'US in a revolutionary period'

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 12:21 PM PDT

Anti-Wall Street protests have gained momentum across the US, including newer rallies in Washington DC, Chicago and Los Angeles.

New World Order 'breaking down'

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 11:41 AM PDT

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of the US-led invasion of Afghanistan, thousands of Afghans staged a rally in Kabul to protest the occupation of their country.

Jewish state's policies of Gentile subjugation and eradication are a manifestation of Jewish law, which encourages collective punishment of enemies

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 11:07 AM PDT

...As I documented in the previous article, the first way in which Jewish law justifies the targeting and killing of civilians is by classifying civilians as combatants if they indirectly take part in the war effort–even if by "mere words."

Mass Greek fury as EU cooks up more bad debt bailouts

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 10:57 AM PDT

As concern grows that the Eurozone is falling deeper into recession, finance chiefs are hammering out plans to safeguard the region's banks. EU Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso, said there were plans to recapitalise them. There's doubt that the next bailout installment for Greece will actually go ahead, and fallout from the country's resulting default would deal a severe blow to Europe's banking sector. In Greece itself the latest 24-hour nationwide strike turned violent, as police fired tear gas on angry crowds of anti-austerity protesters. The government is imposing more cuts on its people, trying to cap a massive debt of some 350-billion Euros. The country ground to a halt, as workers walked out in a general strke, leaving flights grounded and hospitals relying on emergency staff. RT's Sara Firth witnessed the Greek capital as it boiled over.

US Envoys from Hell

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 10:54 AM PDT

Civilian deaths -- about 5-10 times higher -- have followed the same relentless climb, as have purported Taliban deaths which are about 10-20 times higher than the occupiers' deaths. Deaths of all kinds in Pakistan have sharply increased in the last few years as well, with United States President Barack Obama's policy of using drones to fight US wars around the world.

Abbas Bid for Bantustan Exposes Israeli Hypocrisy

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 10:51 AM PDT

It's a question many people, including journalists have challenged me with in the last few days as a global audience readied itself to watch the drama unfolding at the United Nations centered on the Palestinian Authority seeking approval for an independent state.

Gold Moves Up On ECB Debt Buying Scheme

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 10:50 AM PDT

Gold and silver have once again risen on "downside risks" to the European economy and its ongoing struggle with a sovereign-debt crisis and the distinct possibility Greece will default on its debt "obligations" to the IMF and European Central bank.

Libya Helped al-Assad in His UNSC Victory

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 10:49 AM PDT

One thing for certain about the Russian and Chinese veto is that it should not be understood as an endorsement for the Syrian regime's brutal crackdown on the peaceful protesters, or as a sign of Chinese and Russian alliance with the Al Assad's regime.

'US police brutality ups people's rage'

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 10:45 AM PDT

Thousands of 'Occupy Wall Street' (OWS) protesters have rallied on the US financial district in New York against the inequalities engendered by corporatism.

OFFICIAL List of Occupy Wall Street Protest Demands

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 10:31 AM PDT

Here is the official list of demands:

'Arab spring inspires US protests'

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 10:23 AM PDT

From New York City to Los Angeles, Denver Colorado, North Carolina and Washington, "Occupy Wall Street" protests are spreading across the US.

No to 'humanitarian missions'! Syria still has a chance, says Russia

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 10:00 AM PDT

Moscow says NATO's actions in Libya haven't saved civilians but caused more casualties instead. Russia and China vetoed a UN resolution on Syria over concerns the mandate could pave the way for a Libya-style military intervention. For more on this RT's joined by Konstantin Kosachev, head of the State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee.

Angelina Jolie; Hollyweirds "Good Will" Ambassador to Africa

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 09:44 AM PDT

For the past decade Hollywood movie star Angelina Jolie has been an official "Goodwill Ambassador" for the United Nations Humanitarian Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and has been so overflowing with goodwill that two years ago, she called for the USA to declare war and bomb Sudan.

New legislation fails to give Tzipi Livni protection from arrest

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 09:22 AM PDT

In December 2009, after reviewing this evidence at the request of a civilian victim of OCL, a warrant for her arrest was issued by a senior district Judge in London, UK. 
In advance of Ms. Livni's current visit, a Palestinian civilian war crimes victim, represented by lawyers from the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) and Hickman & Rose Solicitors, invited the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to authorise the arrest of Ms Livni to enable an urgent decision to be made by the Attorney General to charge her for war crimes. Alternatively, the victim requested the DPP's permission to apply to a judge for an arrest warrant for Ms. Livni 
At lunchtime today, the DPP made a statement that he has been blocked from any arrest decision or giving his consent to an application for the issue of an arrest warrant - BUT NOT on the basis of a lack of evidence. The only reason given by the DPP is the retrospective grant of diplomatic immunity to Ms Livni by the British Foreign Secretary on the basis of a 'Special Mission' (which is not accepted by the victim). 
Ms Livni and the Foreign Secretary have claimed this week that the recent change in the British law on arrest warrants (requiring the consent of the DPP before a magistrate could issue a warrant) has spared Ms Livni from arrest. If that were true then no certificate was needed from the Foreign Secretary. Rather, it was the issue of a certificate of diplomatic immunity that allowed a war crimes suspect, Ms Livni, the subject of a previous arrest warrant, to escape due process. 
The Palestinian victim who brought this claim is frustrated at the delay in the DPP's decision, given that Ms Livni could have been arrested yesterday, prior to the grant of the certificate. The DPP's delay means that the victim has not been given any realistic prospect of bringing a successful legal challenge while Ms Livni remains here, it being publicly known that her visit was for 24 hours. Access to justice has been denied in the name of political expediency.
The British Government has abused the law in order to ensure that Ms. Livni escapes accountability. Ms Livni is not a member of the Israeli Government, but the leader of the opposition. This action exhibits a serious and worrying disregard for the rule of law, and appears to be in violation of the United Kingdom's international obligations. 
Mr Raji Sourani, Director of PCHR said:


Posted: 06 Oct 2011 08:37 AM PDT

By Jim Quinn, who writes at The Burning Platform.

Don't Let Obama Campaign Fronts Infiltrate OWS – Occupy The Fed

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 08:25 AM PDT

Join Alex Jones to strike a crushing blow against the true financial oligarchy

The West kicks itself because of UN Security Council's decision on Syria

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 06:48 AM PDT

The UN Security Council received this criticism from Ms. Clinton just because it failed to approve the anti-Syrian resolution, which was vetoed by Russia and China.

Human Rights? Teacher Fired for Opposing Immigration

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 04:33 AM PDT

As in a Communist country, Canadians will be denied their livelihood if they challenge the Illuminati banker agenda. Canada champions "human rights" only when it advances this agenda.

Washington is conquering Africa using France, Israel, bogus human rights agencies and terrorists

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 04:14 AM PDT

A repeat of the disorder and pandemonium generated inside Afghanistan is in the works for the continent of Africa. The United States, with the help of Britain, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, created the brutal Taliban and then eventually waged war on its Taliban allies. Similarly, across Africa, the United States and its allies are creating a new series of future enemies to fight, but after initially working with them or using them to sow the seeds of chaos in Africa.

Roseanne Barr: Put Bankers In Re-Education Camps

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 04:11 AM PDT

'Anyone Worth $100 Million, Take Their Wealth'

Greek austerity clashes: Riot Dog joins Athens protests

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 02:26 AM PDT

In Athens angry protestors have been clashing with police, who have fired tear gas at them. Thousands have been gathering outside the Greek Parliament, furious at the level of spending cuts. A 24-hour public sector strike brought the country to a halt. Greek airports were closed, and hospitals are relying on emergency staff.

Shocking Video of NYC Violence: Police beat up protesters storming barricades

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 01:32 AM PDT

Police in the US have been filmed beating back protesters at a mass demonstration in New York, in the biggest event yet in the three-week-long rally called 'Occupy Wall Street'. There are also reports pepper spray's been used, and police have confirmed they've made dozens of arrests at the rally. Thousands have been taking part in sustained protests to demand social and economic change. Activists say they're fed up with breaking their backs at work, while the Wall Street bankers' bonuses keep flowing.

Wall Street Crackdown: Police beat back protesters, dozens arrested

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 12:20 AM PDT

Police in the US have been filmed beating back protesters at a mass demonstration in New York, in the biggest event yet in the three-week-long rally called 'Occupy Wall Street'. There are also reports pepper spray's been used, and police have confirmed they've made dozens of arrests at the rally. Thousands have been taking part in sustained protests to demand social and economic change. Activists say they're fed up with breaking their backs at work, while the Wall Street bankers' bonuses keep flowing.

Dr. Fred Bisci teaches people how to reverse serious degenerative disease with healing foods

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The dark side of energy drinks - risking your health for temporary stimulation

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 12:00 AM PDT

Some of the more common unwelcome side effects of energy drinks include elevated heart rates, hypertension, anxiety, headaches and interrupted sleep patterns. Earlier this year, a report in the medical journal Pediatrics warned against energy drinks and cited potential harms including heart palpitations, seizures, strokes and even sudden death.

Sexist Catholic bishops vs. Barack Obama

Posted: 05 Oct 2011 11:50 PM PDT

Barack Obama has acquired another serious enemy. In contrast to the Republican Party, its actions will not be limited to the usual criticism. Some U.S. media say that the U.S. president was declared a real war.
The U.S. President was challenged by the Confederation of Catholic Bishops of the United States. The reason for that was the federal law on marriage or, more precisely, the President's position in this regard. According to the bishops, Obama's words and actions may lead America to a disaster.

Steve Jobs, the man who changed the world, goes to iHeaven

Posted: 05 Oct 2011 10:48 PM PDT

"Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being," the company said. "Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple."

November 19, 2012: Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimon, Blythe Masters Arrested

Posted: 05 Oct 2011 05:33 PM PDT

Marsha: There was no rebellion. The United States military invaded the Cayman Islands early Saturday morning to seize all offshore assets. In fact we will interview military and private auditors working on the seized bank accounts. We will also interview workmen who have been drilling into and opening safe deposit boxes.

Luke Rudkowski beaten & pepper sprayed by NYPD at Wall Street #OWS

Posted: 05 Oct 2011 05:17 PM PDT


The 'getting' of Assange and the smearing of a revolution

Posted: 05 Oct 2011 04:00 PM PDT

John Pilger

However, it is not the Swedish judicial system that presents a "grave danger" to Assange, say his lawyers, but a legal device known as a Temporary Surrender, under which he can be sent on from Sweden to the United States secretly and quickly. The founder and editor of WikiLeaks, who published the greatest leak of official documents in history, providing a unique insight into rapacious wars and the lies told by governments, is likely to find himself in a hell hole not dissimilar to the "torturous" dungeon that held Private Bradley Manning, the alleged whistleblower. Manning has not been tried, let alone convicted, yet on 21 April, President Barack Obama declared him guilty with a dismissive "He broke the law".

Florida county nixes fluoride in water after heated debate

Posted: 05 Oct 2011 10:01 AM PDT

Florida county has voted to stop adding fluoride to its drinking water after a polarizing debate that included warnings of reduced intelligence, cancer, Soviet-style tactics and forced medicating by government.  The Pinellas County Commission voted 4-3 to halt fluoridation to about 700,000 residents of the county, the St. Petersburg Times reports.

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